ElderSpa INNOVATIONS(tm): Irresistible Resources for End of Life Care hands  

ElderSpa INNOVATIONS (tm)brings irresistible resources to Elder Care. Our products distinguish and benchmark your company as an industry leader in End of Life Care and Employee Retention and Career Advancement.

We create genuine growth opportunities for owners, administrators, employees, residents, and families which transform the fear of death and it's typical "closed door" practices into life affirming, irresistible holistic services and powerful tools for active aging and person-centered end of life care.

Because we create distinctive ElderSpa facilities, care and caregivers, you can attract private pay clients who can afford the best - care, dwellings, and services they will not find in other companies.

By combining innovative medical care with spiritual, emotional, cross cultural perspectives, and compassionate healing therapies, ElderSpa Innovations prepares your company to address the issues surrounding active aging, death and dying with authenticity, grace and dignity.

With your company, we transform older facilities into premier hospice-like spas which offer palliative care, healing treatments, and a host of enrichment services for residents, families, and employees. These allow people to receive an extraordinary transition for their greatest and most difficult passage: the end of life.

With our services, your company and employees can meet the current demand and immense future need to satisfy the diverse life-styles of a "baby boomer" market with services that match their desires and needs. These progressive products are currently unavailable in the long term care market.

We increase the profitability of your business and increase investor interest in long term care development by bringing far reaching, compassionate innovations in care giver education, alternative treatments, and housing for "active-agers" and dependent, frail elders.

Tarron Estes  
President, Tarron Estes & Associates, Inc.
Irresistable Resources for End of Life Care.