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Innovative Products & Services

Our "Person-Centered Care" certification programs offer distinctive credentials and collaborative management skills yielding superior care for elders and career tracks for care givers. Geared to create satisfied residents, families and employees, they increase employee retention, customer satisfaction, private pay clientele, decrease regulatory overload, and increase profitability.

Our educational tools elevate the profession of caregivers to the status they deserve and enable them to attend compassionately and skillfully to the complexity of elders' needs.

When companions to the dying are supported in remembering the place they hold in life's greatest transition, to serve with open hearts, uphold an elder's vision, to implement a "Person-Centered Care" approach, every one benefits.

Introduction to Person Centered End of Life Care:
Visionary and Body-Centered Practices for Death and Dying

When we use our vision to imagine the best possible death
And receive healing practices to gain presence and reduce fear–
We are empowered to give others what they most deserve at death
…our full presence, our contact, & the gifts of our hearts.

A one day introduction to ElderSpa Innovation’s Death and Dying caregiver certification. Offered on-site nationwide to caregivers, administrators, & families. 30 participants minimum per day. $80.00 per participant. Delivered in 4-5 day tracks to produce culture change for end of life care.

Visionary Mapping

This three day, highly interactive program is the "Kick Off" to the change process, reaching a critical mass of employees, residents and families in your company. This training infuses your employees with: inspiration, direction and commitment.

All stakeholders in your organization come together to create a clear direction for where your company wants to go on specified topics, such as Person Centered End of Life Care, Employee Culture Change, or becoming an ElderSpa Facility. We shift your out-dated current reality to a bold new vision.

Compassionate Care & Collaborative Management Training

This training program, extending 12-18 months includes Vision Mapping. Each training component lasts approximately 2-3 days and these are taught on site or at conference centers nearby to administrators, managers, supervisors, DON's, RN's, CNA's, activities directors and a select number of residents and families.

The CCCMT develops employee culture change in the organization through learning and implementing the fundamentals of high-level, heart centered human interaction and collaborative management skills. These skills enable all members of the organization to communicate compassionately, shift from victim to victor, serve effectively, and carry out a daily life affirming vision.

Mid-Wifing the Spirit: Person-Centered End of Life Care and Employee Career Track Certification

This is a year long training offered off site across the country. Sessions are 2-3 days in length and we meet 4 times over twelve months. Each participant is coached 3 times between sessions.

We establish the true calling of end of life caregivers, unveiling their essential roles as Mid-Wives to Spirit.

Our Person-Centered End of Life training views, evaluates andtreats aging as a natural process which has specialized physical, emotional, spiritual, psychological and social needs. We address these needs by training care givers to serve elders from a holistic, interdisciplinary, hospice-like care model.

We train your employees to educate residents about the dying process and speak openly about stages of death and dying, developing skills of deep inquiry so that nothing is left unsaid and no wish unfulfilled.

Professional Coaching Certifications for Performance Management and Employee Retention

Coaching is one of the fastest growing professions in the country. Our year long coaching certification programs take place in 2-3 day sessions every three months. We host these events all over the country and begin during different seasons of the year. Please ask us for dates, times, and locations.

We support the inherent ability in your managers to empower others to serve your residents and experience personal development tools for their continued on-going growth as professionals.

Programs & Services For Long-Term Care

  • ElderSpa Facilities
  • Active Aging Protocol for Boomers
  • Holistic Services
  • Integrated Marketing Programs
  • Person Centered End of Life Care & Career Track Certification
  • Employee Retention & Customer Satisfaction Training
  • State of the Art Active Aging Community Design
  • Performance Management Coaching Certification
  • Vision Mapping for Innovation & Culture Change
  • Compassionate Care & Collaborative Management Training
  • Professional Coaching for Leadership Enhancement
  • Public Speaking